Welcome to a new era of online marketing

The step-by-step Influencer marketing system that will sky rocket your business growth.

Learn the truth behind successful influencer marketing by the people who are doing it, day in and day out.

Inside this live cohort-based course, you'll learn how we've generated millions online by leveraging the credibility of influencers to create a loyal, racing fan base that are ready to buy from you. 
(without huge budgets!)

Starts June 1st!

Trusted & implemented with businesses all around the world.

The standard marketing methods are unpredictable & unprofitable


With Advertising restrictions getting tighter by the month & costs rising, trying to create to predictable lead and sale generation method is not an easy feat in 2021.

Let's be real, it's the most important aspect of your business, what's a business with no customers?

Make a change to stay on the good side of the 46% and not waste our advertising spend.

Create a predictable revenue generating system, built by relationships

Influencer marketing is starting to become known as the secret weapon for scaling your business fast & effectively.

Put your small budget to work in the right places

You're not alone, we wasted years and large budget on marketing strategies that simply... don't work.
If you're looking for a lead generation strategy for your business that can continue to grow over the course of time, Influencer Marketing is for you.

Reduce stress and increase ROI

Businesses are constantly trying to reduce the amount we spend to acquire new customers.
If you're looking for a more cost efficient method to getting in front of your perfect audience & leverage their loyal raving fan base Influencer marketing is for you.

Build & scale your brand with predictable results

Brands need authority to be heard today. 
Associating yourself with influencers can dramatically improve your brand perception that doesn’t just increase your revenue but opens more doors for you too. 

Say hello to the new solution smart business owners are using:

Say hello to the new solution
smart business owners are using:


Influencer Marketing School


Influencer Marketing School

Influencer marketing is the rocket fuel that your business needs to scale, a controllable & consistent method that becomes better over time.

We understand the long term results you can generate with Influencer marketing and in this 5 week live Cohort-based course, we're going to teach you exactly how to do it.

  5 week live cohort-based training course

  Team strategy break out sessions

  Various expert instructors

What you'll find inside the Influencer Marketing School

5 modules in 5 weeks that cover everything that you'll need to know to find Influencers, create your ads with them & generate revenue.

Week 1:

The Age of Influencers: How to find an influencer and craft the perfect deal. 

Learn how to craft an irresistible offer to Influencers that works for you and them. It’s a collaboration not exploitation! 
Without knowing how to navigate the triangle of influence, getting a deal that works for you is rare. We’ll teach you exactly what kind of deal you need to propose, how it’s managed and how to ensure that deal works for you long-term and not for one post. 

Week 2:

The Perfect Influencer Funnel Framework

In week 2 we will be covering our PIF framework. This is our battle tested funnel framework that’s worked across countless industries generating millions in revenue. 
We will be covering it step-by-step and building it out with you. By the end of this week you’ll have a funnel capable of generating leads for pennies with predictable revenue (with a small budget)

Week 3:

Master Facebook™ & Instagram™ Ads to generate predictable revenue

Paying an influencer for a one-off post is useless most of the time. 
In week 3 you’ll learn how to create Facebook™ & Instagram™ ads that work for you 24/7, growing your business in a predictable and consistent way. 
By the end of this module you’ll know exactly how to craft your own ads from scratch, understand the metrics of what makes an ad successful and the way to scale ads (without ruining their performance). 

Week 4:

The boomerang retargeting effect

Retargeting effectively can double your profits in days. By the end of this week you’ll have an evergreen retargeting system set-up generating you sales for you while you sleep. 
You’ll learn exactly how they work, why they work and how to create your own in the future along with 30+ “plug and play” templates. 

Week 5:

The secrets to profitable Email marketing

When it comes to marketing, email is king. 

Learn how to harness the true power of email marketing while not selling to your audience at all (we’ll show you exactly how by sharing our own emails, how much they make and exactly why they work)

Meet your instructors

Louise Thompson & Scott Flear are co-founders of Trtle, a leading fitness company. While Louise was quickly building up a reputation as one of the UK's leading influencers, Scott was growing his other brand Rugby Warfare using early-days techniques that developed into what you'll be learning in this course. 

With the one-two punch of influencer side and business savvy, you'll get access available anywhere else online.

Alex Taylor, an expert in growing and scaling brands by working with influencers from all around the world. Alex & Scott have been brainstorming ideas for 2+ years with huge results generating millions in revenue in ethical ways.

Hear what others have said about our beta test lesson

and that's just our beta lesson! Imagine the power of our course that's fully developed that you'll get access to for 50% off...

All of the insider information, I loved that it isn’t just theory and you have real life examples of what to do, not to do and how things went in certain situations. 

Makes it much more interesting and understandable!

This was amazing. It gave a good insight into what the course would be about - the 'real world' background you had with screenshots and stats to back up made it feel very genuine and trustworthy in terms of someone investing in the course.

It actually exceeded my expectations. 
There was more knowledge & more interactions than I had imagined.

Definitely showers specific and unique insight and value not able to be found in books/online.

Ready to catapult your business growth with influencer marketing?

Ready to catapult your business growth with influencer marketing?

Got questions?

We've got answers

The Influencer Marketing School has been a lot of work in the making, everything we teach you inside this live step-by-step course is what we've actioned and tested in our own businesses with millions of dollars in revenue generated.

If you're looking to use the best marketing strategies to generate leads and sales online, you're going to love what we have in store for you.


What is a 'Cohort based' course?

A community-first approach to online learning that greater increases your chances of success.

Active learning, not passive watching

This is the opposite of an Instagram Live, you're engaged.

Our team hosts engaging workshops and engages with the class to make for an intimate, fun learning experience optimized for learning.

Learn with inspired
Cohort peers

This course is designed to bring together the most interesting people who are eager to master influencer marketing.

To help & assist each other to ensure everyone is working and helping eachother to success.

Accountability and feedback to success

Without accountability and feedback, you won’t reach your potential. 

This course keeps you honest, committed & holds you accountable to ensure your success, week by week.

Learn from the experts with proven strategies

We've created an environment for you to learn from the very best people that know the secrets to Influencer marketing.

Our expert team have generated millions online with these strategies.

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Live lessons will be at 4pm UK time every Monday & Wednesday.
Thursday live sessions will be 'drop-ins' meaning time to get feedback, ask questions and interact with the group. 

All lessons will be recorded so you can do them at any time

This 50% off offer is limited for the first 50 people only, after this first launch, the price of this course will immediately return to It's full value and never to return. Take opportunity of this one time offer now!

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